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Innovation with Passion | Inovação com Paixão

“Do your thing differently, with a lot of passion!” #Welltraveled #Fashion #LadyBrand International launch by China Machado | China Machado Advertisements

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Halloweennovation | Halloweenovação

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Outubro Rosa | Pink October

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A Tale On “Delusional Leadership”

Intro. A ruthless Visigoth, half-illiterate, self-entitled as King of a self-imagined “Round Table Dream-Team”, ran a small craft-producing feud in a darn authocratic format — after having escaped from several attempts to obtain fame and fortune through engaging in a … Continue reading

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An Easy 8-Step Mentoring Checklist

Q – Who was King Arthur´s Mentor and what did he advise? A – King Arthur´s Mentor was the Wizard Merlin. He gave a lot of advice to King Arthur during the time he was with him. An example (from … Continue reading

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