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Latin America: the next market to downfall (originally in Spanish) – By Patrick Gillespie (CNNMoney)

América Latina: el próximo mercado en caer Por Patrick Gillespie, CNNMoney 0841 ET (1241 GMT) 10 julio, 2015 (CNNMoney) – Grecia necesita un rescate y el mercado de valores de China está en modo de crisis. Pero la economía mundial tiene … Continue reading

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Contractors vs. Hiring Employees: Pros & Cons (By Adam Toren)

The article goes back to May 19 2015, but it could not be more applicable in July 2015 and forward towards 3Q / 4Q 2015. #Flexibility  | #Expertise  | #Seniority  |  #Autonomy  |#Productivity | #CostReduction : all very desirable components … Continue reading

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America Latina. Il nuovo eldorado dell’economia mondiale

Originally posted on Alessandro Sicuro Comunication:
America Latina Il nuovo eldorado dell’economia mondiale Colombia,  Cile,   Perù,  Messico Gli esportatori europei verso mercati in crescita America Latina! Sono sempre più numerose le imprese  che guardano con interesse all’America Latina e quasi…

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Five New Ideas About Money Management (by Deepak Chopra, January 18, 2014)

Even though the focus of my posts has been on consciousness, there’s no escaping the link between success and money. Few people would consider themselves a success if they had little or no money (even though figures like Jesus, Buddha, … Continue reading

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In 2014 Brazil Will Become the #5 Advertising Market in the World

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