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I guess this message may be of interest to you all.

LIN New Generation Business Development is here to help you.

I am in charge of Central & South America.

Let´s talk:

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Thanks to the late Shirley Chrisholm for her wisdom.

Thanks to Richard Branson for reminding us of that.


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Luiz Botelho_LIN_Central & South America business card with photo

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#TGIF | #QuoteOfTheDay:


“If you don’t accept others who are different, it means nothing that you’ve learned calculus.” – Shirley Chisholm.

About the painting: 

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CEO Outlook Latam via KPMG

KPMG_MEX_CEO Outlook 2018

Sharing this valuable material in both languagues to assist both teamsters and clients in the pursuit of excellence at doing business in Latin America.

CEO Outlook 2018 was produced by KPMG, based on responses provided by approximately 1,300 CEOs worldwide, including 278 CEOs based in Latin America and 53 Brazilian CEOs.

This is a comprehensive and reliable survey of the prospects of the presidents of the largest global and national companies from different sectors. In this study, an accurate analysis of confidence indexes, growth expectations, business strategies, trends in innovation and guidelines for the expansion of Brazilian companies is observed. This is the main and most relevant study produced by KPMG.

We have been able to chart faithfully the key concerns, priorities and expectations of global, regional, and local CEOs in relation to business growth, the challenges they face, and their strategies to plan for the success of their organizations in the coming years.

Bonus: Key Findings Global CEO Outlook:

KPMG_MEX_CEO Outlook 2018_Key Findings

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CEO Outlook Latam 2018 | English | via #KPMG :

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Compartiendo este valioso material en ambos idiomas para ayudar tanto a los equipos como a los clientes en la búsqueda de la excelencia para hacer negocios en América Latina.

El CEO Outlook 2018 fue producido por KPMG, basado en las respuestas dadas por cerca de 1.300 CEOs de todo el mundo, incluyendo 278 CEOs con sede en América Latina y 53 CEOs brasileños.

Se trata de un estudio exhaustivo y confiable sobre las perspectivas de los presidentes de las mayores empresas mundiales y nacionales, de diferentes sectores. En este estudio, se observa un análisis apurado de índices de confianza, expectativas de crecimiento, estrategias empresariales, tendencias en innovación y directrices para la expansión de las compañías brasileñas.

Este es el principal y más relevante estudio producido por KPMG. Hemos logrado trazar un retrato fiel de las principales preocupaciones, prioridades y expectativas de los CEOs que actúan a escala mundial, regional y local en relación al crecimiento de los negocios, a los desafíos que enfrentan ya sus estrategias para planificar el éxito de sus organizaciones en los próximos años.

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CEO Outlook Latam 2018 | Español | via #KPMG :

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Thanks to KPMG Mexico for sharing this free-of-charge material.

Hope it can be a valuable asset for CEO involvement and business development.

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Gracias a KPMG México por compartir este material de forma gratuita.

Espero que pueda ser un activo valioso para la participación del CEO y el desarrollo empresarial.

Luiz Botelho_LIN_Central & South America business card with photo




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Sharing : Portugal Is International!

I am pleased to share the outcomes of this iniative led by our LIN colleague who lives in Braga – Portugal (Jorge Miguel Corais), who is an LRD (LIN Regional Director) for Portugal and Spain, as well as for the Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa.

Through his own event management company (IS, International Services Company), he has summarized the results of this roadshow in Lisbon last May 23rd., showcasing +1,000 business opportunities with Mexico, Chile and Peru, in several business segments:

Portugal Is International_RoadShow_Lisbon_23 May 2018

Quoting J. Miguel, who tells us about this event in his own words:


Let me share with you one event I organized Last Week.
I organized a Road Show in Portugal presenting a wide range business opportunities and in various industry sector in Mexico, Chile and Peru.”

[11:32, 29/5/2018] Jorge Miguel Corais LRD PORTUGAL: The file is in Portuguese.
We listed more than 1,000 of projects in a wide rage of industries: Chemical, Oil & Gas, Energy and Renewable Energy, Electricity (Production and Distribution), Infrastructure; Food and Beverage Manufacturing; Paper, Cellulose and Wood Manufacturing; Pharmacy and Biotechnology Manufacturing; Mining.

[11:33, 29/5/2018] Jorge Miguel Corais LRD PORTUGAL: This is the kind of work that results very well and pulls the interest of the entrepreneurs.

Portugal Skyline

Congratulations to J. Miguel and his team for putting together such an outstanding event and fostering so many business opportunities across continents!

Portugal as an independent country and as a member of the EEC has been on the spotlight for quite some time already, considering the improvement measures and internationalization efforts it has been engaging with in the recent years .


Notably, The World Bank has released this 2018 report on Doing Business (Measuring Business Regulations), which measures the easiness of doing business in each country, which can be downloaded as PDF via thie following link:

The extracted snapshot down below positions Portugal quite positively, in regards to its regulatory conditions in favor of business people interested in deepening commercial ties and/or setting operations in the country:

The World Bank_Doing Business_Portugal 2018

Image sourced from:

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To whomever may be interested in getting information from Brazil in what concerns obtaining a Portuguese citizenship, we share the following link.


We have also located (in Brazil) a very interesting initiative regarding the granting of Portuguese citizenship to specific ethos or historical nation groups which evaded or were ousted from Portugal:

Recently, the governments of Portugal and Spain have enacted laws regulating the granting of nationality union sefaradim descendants of  (sephardiJews expelled from these countries.

The governments of Spain and Portugal claim to want to somehow repair a bit of their  enormous mistakes committed in the past. There are those who say that there are also economic reasons involved.

Home     |    General Information    |    FAQ

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Looking forward to fostering even more businesses between our regional areas, as we have been incrementing LIN Leadership around the world on a very speedy rhythm:


Welcome to LIN | Next Generation Business Development



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M&A | Intercultural Workshop in Recife | 2nd. Phase

 PQS_Coordinators & Supervisors Team_15.06.2018

Intercultural workshop with Brazilian Coordinators & Supervisors Team| 14-15 June 2018 | Recife – PE. – Brazil

Working with this team of 37 fantastic people was an outstanding and very rewarding experience!

Christian Hvidbo and I (as facilitators) couldn´t believe how so very aligned with the Conscious Business concepts and prompt at voicing out their opinions this group was!
What an enriching and valuable event as for sharing and building upon the metaphors and concepts into real voiced commitment and insights… wish these 2-day sessions kept on going… but we will make it bear the fruits of a great and smooth transition for Alpek Polyester Brazil (PQS).
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PQS_Coords+Supervs_Workshop Closing Feedback
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We worked on this concept extensively, exchanging feedback on mental models (from #victim to #player, from #knowsitall to #apprentice :
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I guess we could summarize the amazing level of insights this way:
 “Your attitude is everything in life. How you handle yourself, and how you react to situations and challenges that present themselves. Don’t let your excuses keep you from reaching your goals.”
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Congratulations to everyone involved, from planning to delivery!
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Recap from the previous and 1st. Leadership workshop at Alpek Polyester in Brazil:
Intercultural workshop with Mexican and Brazilian team | 08-09 May 2018 | Recife – PE. – Brazil
PQS is a Chemical-Textile Industrial Complex whose objective is to produce the principal polyester inputs in its different forms:
The company has been properly and legally acquired by Alpek Polyester, a company that belongs to Alfa Group and has multiple business organizations around the world.
From May 1st. 2018 PQS becomes integral part of the group and should be renamed as Alpek Polyester Brazil.
We (Botelho & Global Associates) and our colleagues from Axialent have managed to successfully deliver the 1st. intercultural workshop in Brazil and the major outcome has been the consensual definition of their “Manifesto”: the “APB Way of Working Together as a Team”.
This has been an amazing and challenging project and we have been directly involved in it since October 2017.
We are committed to supporting the M&A project, the people and the organizations involved for the time it takes to complete a smooth transition towards the end of 2018 and beyond.
The new company has just been officialized and new challenges await for us and the multicultural teams along the way towards putting their best competencies at the service of a common goal into the future.
We wish the various teams (both local and corporate in Mexico, Argentina and the U.S.) and in full collaboration with this new venture, the maximum level of excellence in their operation, an outstanding commitment of all players in synch and sound and sustainable results in Brazil.
Here a few pictures of the event in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil:
Sheraton Reserva do Paiva Hotel & Convention Center, Recife

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B&G with extended background - Iridescent™ #7 - Gulshan Sing - via Behance

Mentes alinhadas são muito difíceis de achar!

¡Mentes alineadas son muy dificiles de encontrar! 

Aligned minds are so hard to find!

Gebonden geesten zijn zo moeilijk te vinden!


Luiz F. C. R. M. BOTELHO

Senior Corporate-Career-Life Coach & Mentor

International Facilitator & Speaker

Organizational Excellence Specialist


WhatsApp: (+5511) 99214-2020

Skype: lubashivaya



Personal e-mail:

Calendar e-mail:



Botelho & Global Associates :


Online profile:


Papers for Download:


Major Clients in Brazil | Belangrijke klanten in Brazilië | Principais Clientes no Brasil : Bayer CH; Makro Brasil; Supermercados DIA%; Alcatel; Nokia, Minsur Mineração Taboca; Bayer; NEC; Grupo Randon; Votorantim; Vale; Goodyear Brasil; Banco Itaú S/A; MasterCard Latin América, Stern Stewart, Grupo Dibens-Unibanco, Orbitall/ Credicard, PANAMCO Brasil e NORSA (Coca-Cola); Telefónica; Elektro; CPFL; Cia. Suzano de Papel e Celulose; Grupo Accor (Ticket/GR); Klabin Papel & Celulose; Grupo Saint-Gobain (Sta.Marina); Volkswagen; Motorola (Divisão de Paging); Mannesmann; Cremer Têxtil; Jornal do Brasil; Timken Rolamentos; Unibanco S/A; Digital Eletrônica; Aços Finos Piratini; Banco Meridional.

Major International Clients Grootste internationale cliënten | Principais Clientes Internacionais : Alpek (Monterrey, Mexico); Makro (Lima, Peru); Alcatel (Argentina and Colombia); Grupo Minsur (Lima, Peru); Nextel/Nii Holdings (Latam: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Mexico); Goodyear America Latina (Latam: Argentina, Brazil; Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Jamaica and Mexico); Boral Bricks (Augusta-GA.); McCarthy Construction (St.Louis-MO., Irvine-CA. and Phoenix-AZ.); Interagrovial (Uruguay); Supermercados Disco (Argentina and Uruguay).

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The Brazil we all want!

Delivery of the first Embraer E 190-E2 to Airline of Norway.

This week arrived in Norway the first E2 delivered by Embraer.

The company Widerøe received the aircraft to the sound of the Bachianas no. 5 of Villa Lobos, sung live!

This Brazil is also a reality; it is the country that we all want!


Sourced from: Aero Por Trás da Aviação| Published on Apr 8, 2018


Entrega do Primeiro Embraer E 190-E2 para Companhia Aérea da Noruega.

Esta semana chegou na Noruega o primeiro E2 entregue pela Embraer.

A empresa Widerøe recebeu a aeronave ao som das Bachianas n° 5 de Villa Lobos, cantada ao vivo!

Esse Brasil também é uma realidade; é o País que todos queremos!

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Luiz F. Botelho
CEO, Botelho & Global Associates

WhatsApp: (+5511) 99214-2020
Skype: lubashivaya
Twitter: @lubashivaya

Projects & Recommendations:
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B&G with background - Iridescent™ #7 - Gulshan Sing - via Behance
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The World of LIN in South America


in South America

South America Skyline with Famous Landmarks.

As the LIN Regional Director (LRD) for South America, my responsibility is to foster engagement, collaboration and potential opportunities in the region, that may lead all parties involved to achieve and/or expand their business goals.

Find out about LIN Enterprises´purpose, mission, business development methodology, project references, global leadership and LIN Headquarters and Regional advisors and key-resources available to help you boost your international visibility and profitability.

[ 2018 LIN World ]

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LIN email footnote


LIN brazil

Blog: https://bgcoaching.wordpress. com/2018/03/02/lin-next- generation-business- development

I can assist Management Consultants, Business Development Managers and SMEs to develop their international reach and to upscale their personal value-proposition.

In order to facilitate that process, I can perform as a coachtrainer and/or mentor to help you get acquainted with our business platform and devise opportunities based on your competencies, products, services and ideas, in synch with your ultimate business goals.

Please, take some time to navigate through our and let me know what attracted you the most.

Meanwhile, please, make sure you put some questions and/or doubts aside to share them with me. I am located in São Paulo and you can reach me via or via WhatsApp +55 11 99214 2020.

I will answer all your questions within my reach, get any additional clarification needed and give you valuable suggestions.

There are no costs involved, of course.

However, the potential for business will be a natural consequence of well-identified opportunities that require creative solutions and can generate customized proposals and profitable projects for all of us.


 Luiz Botelho.-

 Skype ID: lubashivaya


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