A Tale On “Delusional Leadership”



A ruthless Visigoth, half-illiterate, self-entitled as King of a self-imagined “Round Table Dream-Team”, ran a small craft-producing feud in a darn authocratic format — after having escaped from several attempts to obtain fame and fortune through engaging in a whole bunch of unsuccessful land-conquering initiatives, both on mainland and across the sea… and getting nowhere with any of them!

In those current times, the basic living conditions were harsh for everyone, especially in any period of scarcity or cold season… but, seeing himself as rather much smarter than the usual John Doe, he had figured out a way to manage the knights and dames around him to get what he wanted in order to always stay atop.

He´d use ellaborate talking arguments to get people to pay him taxes in exchange for a set of tools that would enable them to work for him almost on their own for a whole year, based on rainchecked promises, friendly-fire conversations and a lot of faith-based stories and tales that kept people interested in getting “rich” while putting their time and energy into the “Round Table” dream…

Whenever discussion or disagreement raised up from the Chivalry Knights or Ladies, mostly dissatisfied with having to pay him taxes every month to keep the “club” and the “Dream Team” alive and kicking, the Visigoth preached upon an instilled and ever-present “faith-based” set of rules and codes of conduct (that had to be “unarguably” lived by and respected) – that would  even have served finely, should they have been walked-and-talked with unbiased impartiality and unsectarianism.

Invariably, that set of rules and codes (mostly based on faith, fear, mutual dependence and humility, created as a byproduct of self-worthlessness instigation and labelling) served him well to keep the hand on the lead and maintain the Chivalry working absent-mindedly —[ “just like a herd of sheep grazing on scarce daily grass“ ]—, which kept his megalomania high and his own costs low, most conveniently.

“Ruthless” tended to be real rude and disrespectful while shouting at and discussing with his “hypno-dreamful” team, whenever his wishes and plans got unattended or did not suffice to his standards of “greatness” — but would rather shy down into cowardice and paleface-irony, once confronted with logic and reason and, especially, with a great deal of loud and firm backtalk, as well as some solid “Square Table” fist-punching.

Besides “Ruthless”, it earned him a subtitle: “Enemy-Breeding Specialist”.

For almost two years, most people ended up buying those blah-blahs in and getting swallowed by the flickering “glamour” of belonging to the “dream” sect.

Then, with a fresh new breath of common sense and quite a lot of unanswered (or unreasonably so) questioning, some “dreamers” started gradually (but irrevocably and fiercely) awakening from the “smoked-veil” curtailing.

Eventually, money-usage claims, lack of trust and drop-outs broke the already flimsy and cracked “Square Table” apart — as if it were a “garage sale leftover” out in the winter.

The ruthless Visigoth became a long forgotten sketch of an “Empty-handed Messiah” and crawled back into his typically unchanged narrowmindedness, stubbornness, trustlessness and anonymity. Megalomania and “world-savior-syndrome” seemed to be the traits that became “archived” after the nemesis moment… maybe just waiting for another future “right moment” to allure a new bunch of “tarts” into “Dream Team Nightmares”…

The former “Square Table” Knights and Dames still hold back-talks and “repentance cry-coffees” every now and then… and still seem shaken and taken aback by their own naïveté prior to the “money-in-a-blackbox” mishmash disclosure…

Some have managed to recover the assets they invested on the “Dream Team Nightmare” since its inception, and took off to become the best version of themselves and their jobs elsewhere, in a much more self-empowering and unbiased fashion.

Others still struggle, living in the vaporous gray threshold area between “not letting reality settle in” [ to their heads right away ] and “what the hell have we got ourselves into”?

Indigo millenials, empowering coaches and inclusive leaders in the region (all around their neighborhood) got the story in the wind – and despised it so awfully that it has become “pre-reading material” to them in a typical Glassdoor-style – an exemplary,  “really bad joke” at “Round Tables” and discussions:

“The Geeks of The Square Table Nightmare.”

Morals: “Eagles do not mingle with vultures.”

Reflection: “Have you witnessed or experienced some equivalent misdemeanor at work?

Concept: “What makes a Leader different and much better welcome than a Boss?” – via presentation.go

Self-Improvement Action Plan: “My Leadership Do´s & Dont´s from now on.

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Headline image adapted from:                                                                                                   https://outrightgeekery.wordpress.com/category/geeks-of-the-square-table


A thoughtful summary on Boss Vs. Leader characteristics:



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