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The Future of Management Is Teal (By Frederic Laloux)

Strategy & Leadership The Future of Management Is Teal Organizations are moving forward along an evolutionary spectrum, toward self-management, wholeness, and a deeper sense of purpose. by Frederic Laloux TEXT EXTRACT: Many people sense that the way organizations are run … Continue reading

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Latin America: the next market to downfall (originally in Spanish) – By Patrick Gillespie (CNNMoney)

América Latina: el próximo mercado en caer Por Patrick Gillespie, CNNMoney 0841 ET (1241 GMT) 10 julio, 2015 (CNNMoney) – Grecia necesita un rescate y el mercado de valores de China está en modo de crisis. Pero la economía mundial tiene … Continue reading

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“OCD: Organizational Culture Disease” (By

Responding to this question, posted by a group of LinkedIn colleagues (and educational partners – – who gracefully allowed this image avalaible in public domain – The question, posted in 2 languages, was: 1. English: “Organizational Culture Disease: Is Too Much … Continue reading

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#Greekreferendum : NAI vs. OXI ! (via :

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Contractors vs. Hiring Employees: Pros & Cons (By Adam Toren)

The article goes back to May 19 2015, but it could not be more applicable in July 2015 and forward towards 3Q / 4Q 2015. #Flexibility  | #Expertise  | #Seniority  |  #Autonomy  |#Productivity | #CostReduction : all very desirable components … Continue reading

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