Impactos Organizacionais | Impactos Organizacionales

Bridge Partners Group_Marketing_Impacts_20092017_Portuguese

Matriz de Impactos Organizacionais

  • O que é?
    – Uma matriz padronizada para registro de impactos e ações de mitigação.
  • Para o que serve?
    – Complementar a análise de riscos do projeto sinalizando antecipadamente os impactos da implantação.
  • Como funciona?
    – A matriz principal de impactos é disponibilizada em um ambiente de rede onde os líderes de frente registram os impactos percebidos onde são automaticamente classificados e priorizados pela ferramenta;
    – Cada impacto recebe um solucionador e um plano de mitigação;
    – Semanalmente os progressos são medidos e reportados.
  • Por que é bom?
    – Antecipa diversos problemas  decorrentes da implantação e das mudanças de processo que de maneira geral deverão ser solucionados pela empresa cliente e não aparecem no escopo dos trabalhos.

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Bridge Partners Group_Marketing_Impacts_20092017_Spanish

Matriz de Impactos Organizacionales

  • ¿Qué es?
    – Una matriz estandarizada para el registro de impactos y acciones de mitigación.
  • ¿Para qué sirve?
    – Complementar el análisis de riesgos del proyecto señalando anticipadamente los impactos de la implantación.
  • ¿Como funciona?
    – La matriz principal de impactos está disponible en un entorno de red donde los líderes de frente registran los impactos percibidos donde son automáticamente clasificados y priorizados por la herramienta;
    – Cada impacto recibe un solucionador y un plan de mitigación;
    – Semanalmente los progresos son medidos y reportados.
  • ¿Por qué es bueno?
    – Anticipa diversos problemas derivados de la implantación y de los cambios de proceso que de manera general deberán ser solucionados por la empresa cliente y no aparecen en el ámbito de los trabajos.





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#HappyPsyConnection !

B&G | Botelho & Global Associates | #HappyPsyConnection !

Aug 27, 2017


30 Most Influential Psychologists Working Today:


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“The Seagull and The Fish!”

Bridge Partners Group_Marketing_Seagull & Fish_20082017_English

Bridge Partners Group_Marketing_Seagull & Fish_20082017_Portuguese

Bridge Partners Group_Marketing_Seagull & Fish_20082017_Spanish

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Experts in Business Transformation (AGILE, SCRUM, Devops), IT Disaster Recovery (ORACLE, SAP, CRM) and Organizational Change Management (OCM).

São Paulo – Brasil

Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

Lima – Peru



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B&G : “Different is Beautiful”

B&G_Botelho & Global Associates_#Branding_Different Is Beautiful_09082017



09 Aug 2003-2017

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#LeadingFromWithin | #PMVV Definition #Workshop | #WalkTheTalk

“Leadership is an attitude, not a position”.

“A common misperception in workplaces all around the world.

Managers aren’t always leaders, and leaders aren’t always managers.

The business literature of the 80s and 90s, before the digital age dramatically changed the face of the workplace, often preached management and leadership as synonymous with one another. And to a degree, they still are.

A manager needs to develop good leadership skills. Filling out monthly or annual reviews is one thing, getting down to the heart of the matter and drawing people’s potential and passion out of them is another.” – Ken Blanchard.

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We Are Hiring !

Bridge Partners Group_MKTG_We Are Hiring_02082017.png


Si usted tiene lo que toma para unirse a nuestro equipo de consultores y mentorees en proyectos de gestión del cambio en Brasil y Latam, no te quedes atrapado(a) en un modo de espera!

El reto?

ORACLE Retail (recuperación) de muy interesante aplicación práctica de OCM guiado por experimentados mentores y directores de proyectos in situ en Lima, Perú y São Paulo, BR.  plan de comunicación, oral y escrita, excelentes habilidades de facilitación, cómodos con manejo de gestión (stakeholders) y estrategias de capacitación y la entrega de soluciones centradas en los resultados.

Descripciones de puestos de trabajo:

1) Consultor Pleno en comunicaciones y capacitación – bien versados en la evaluación de prontitud, plan de comunicación, excelencia oral y escrita, excelentes habilidades de facilitación, cómodos con manejo de gestión y estrategias de capacitación y la entrega de soluciones centradas en los resultados.

2) Consultor  Pleno en procesos e impactos – bien versados en técnicas de mejora de procesos, design thinking, Agile, Scrum y soluciones ERP; estadística, técnicas de análisis y presentación; gestión del proyecto a través de MS Project y gestión y transferencia del conocimiento.

Envíanos tu CV actualizado en castellano, información de contacto y referencias / recomendaciones de tus trabajos (historias de éxito, lecciones aprendidas) y los motivos por los que crees que tienes lo que se necesita para hacer una diferencia!




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Bridge Partners Group | Latam

Bridge Partners Group_MKTG_Final_The Power of Transformation_30072017

Ex-colleagues from Ernst&Young and IBM, these guys have teamed to offer management consulting solutions to the best of their knowledge and quality standards in Brazil and Latam.

Experts in Business Transformation (AGILE SCRUM, Devops), ERP Implementation (SAP, ORACLE), IT & Project Recovery and Organizational Change Management (OCM), their value-added approach to the CEOs and corporations they serve is the best they can get from about 100+ years of  ethical and successful business practice.

Or, in short, in other words:

  • Take-away: “we´ve been there, done that, and we can save you a lot of cash and time!”


Meet the Bridge Partners Group Team, fully aligned with their respective expertise domains to provide outstanding solutions throughout Brazil & Latam :


Roberto Pinheiro


São Paulo – Brazil


Artur Szabo


Rio de Janeiro – Brazil


Luiz F. Botelho


Lima – Peru



Communication Partners:

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Executive Coaching | Enabling a new CEO

RICCI Global_cover

Working as a coach brings a whole new world of experiences within a broad range of market segments and calls for a lot of flexibility to motivate “new-born” CEOs to keep the discipline at pursuing (their) dreams and dealing with anxiety, uncertainty, fear and the so-called “misconceptual virtue” of “perfectionism”, which ends up becoming much more of a limiting factor than a real asset in this real, day-to-day, business-oriented and competitive world…

I am very proud and happy to have helped “deliver” a “brand-new-born” CEO to her new company established in São Paulo, Brazil to serve the retail business across all regions.

This company comes into play with sound business experience, a talented team and should start off by offering two significant areas of service to its clientele:

RICCI Global_áreas de atuação

My team and I have put together our best ideas and talents to come up with and concoct our ultimate “recipe” for an outstanding launch for this new business, to be taking place in São Paulo on July 19th., 2017 at Ahoy! Berlin São Paulo premises for a previously set VIP list.



The quality and excellence of all proposed solutions by the team have set a new standard for branding, communications and training, as well as customer enchantment:


Wishing my ex-coachee, Ms. Eliane Virgilio Ricci, the “new-born” CEO at RICCI Global Consultoria, my best wishes of a “wonder & blasting” launch and continuous success in her upcoming career and amazing results for her brand-new business!

May her commitment to quality, ethics and professionalism shine through amidst the current players in the market and highlight her excellence standards to the eyes of their clients and stakeholders in this business segment:

RICCI Global_CEO thank you note

My deepest appreciation goes now to my team of collaborators, an amazing troupe of skilled professionals who are passionate about what they do (they love what they do because they do what they love!) and committed to creating an unforgettable success story to each and every single client they serve!

Thank you to every one of you for this incomparable demonstration of #teamwork!

Cast | Project Team:

[ RICCI Global Consultoria ] – Branding and New Company Launching Project

RICCI Global_Project Team

1. Project Management : Luiz Botelho​ | CEO at B&G Consulting

2. Branding Consultancy: B&G Consulting

3. Executive Coaching: Luiz Botelho | International Coach & Mentor

4. Visual IdentityLuba&Leo Unlimited

5. Video & Logo: Bruno Andrade |​ DZK Filmes

6. Soundtrack | Trilha sonora: Leo Ferrett​ |

7. Event management, Photography & Video: Fernando Mendes​ | Agencia Live

8. Website Design & Creation: Jhony Sato | Kéréon Comunicação

9. Event Venue: Bruna Nogueira | Ahoy! Berlin São Paulo

10. Buffet by Lu Alvarenga Gastronomia​ | managed by Cintia Leopoldino Belmonte

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Desde Lima, Perú, en el día de hoy (sabado, 15 de Julio), les envio este recordatorio:

“Si quieres ir rápido, camina solo; pero si quieres llegar lejos, camina acompañado.” (proverbio africano)

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Special thanks to these following friends who willfully and graciously indicated part of this amazing casting in the early stages of the negotiation process and/or dedicated part of their valuable time to discuss ideas and propose solutions that helped us come up with an enhanced out-of-the-box package within our compact timeframe!

Karina Israel

Karina Israel | CEO at YDreams Global |

Daniel Gomes Costa

Daniel Alves Costa | #EraTransmidia & Owner at Open Educação e Conhecimento

Gian Zelada

Gian Zelada | Partner at

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WhatsApp: (+5511) 99214-2020

Commercial: (+5511) 96628-6560

Skype: lubashivaya

Twitter: @lubashivaya

Personal e-mail:

Calendar e-mail:

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Major Clients in Brazil | Principais Clientes no Brasil: Supermercados DIA%; AMC Têxtil; Alcatel; Nokia; Allied Technologies; Minsur Mineração Taboca; Bayer; NEC; Fras-Le, Grupo Randon; Votorantim; VALE; Goodyear Brasil; Stern Stewart, Grupo Dibens-Unibanco, Orbitall/ Credicard, PANAMCO Brasil & NORSA (Coca-Cola); Telefónica; Elektro; CPFL; Cia. Suzano de Papel e Celulose; Grupo ACCOR (Ticket/GR); Klabin Papel & Celulose; Grupo Saint-Gobain (Santa Marina); Volkswagen; Motorola (Paging Division); Mannesman; Cremer Têxtil; Jornal do Brasil; Timken Rolamentos; Itaú-Unibanco S/A; Digitel Eletrônica; Aços Finos Piratini.

Major International Clients | Principais Clientes Internacionais:
Makro (Lima, Peru); Alcatel Latam; Nokia Latam; Grupo Minsur (Lima, Peru); Nextel/Nii Holdings; Goodyear Latinoamérica; MasterCard Latin America; Interagrovial (Uruguay); Supermercados Dísco (Argentina & Uruguay); McCarthy Construction (St.Louis-MO.,Irvine-CA. & Phoenix-AZ.); Boral Bricks (Augusta-GA.).


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