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Dear #SME & #PME #CEO,

Dear #independent #consultant,

Dear #businessdeveloper,

Dear #inventor & #innovator,

Dear #reseller & #trader,

Dear #international #networker,

Dear #branding #manager,

Dear #entrepreneur:



I guess this message may be of interest to you all.

LIN New Generation Business Development is here to help you.

I am in charge of Central & South America.

Let´s talk:

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Thanks to the late Shirley Chrisholm for her wisdom.

Thanks to Richard Branson for reminding us of that.


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Luiz Botelho_LIN_Central & South America business card with photo

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#TGIF | #QuoteOfTheDay:


“If you don’t accept others who are different, it means nothing that you’ve learned calculus.” – Shirley Chisholm.

About the painting: 


About Luiz Botelho

no labels; free-minded; receptive to new ideas; values knowledge & experience sharing; music & art are musts in life; also creating best possible conditions for quality of life, self-realization, world peace & equality.
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