Sharing : Portugal Is International!

I am pleased to share the outcomes of this iniative led by our LIN colleague who lives in Braga – Portugal (Jorge Miguel Corais), who is an LRD (LIN Regional Director) for Portugal and Spain, as well as for the Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa.

Through his own event management company (IS, International Services Company), he has summarized the results of this roadshow in Lisbon last May 23rd., showcasing +1,000 business opportunities with Mexico, Chile and Peru, in several business segments:

Portugal Is International_RoadShow_Lisbon_23 May 2018

Quoting J. Miguel, who tells us about this event in his own words:


Let me share with you one event I organized Last Week.
I organized a Road Show in Portugal presenting a wide range business opportunities and in various industry sector in Mexico, Chile and Peru.”

[11:32, 29/5/2018] Jorge Miguel Corais LRD PORTUGAL: The file is in Portuguese.
We listed more than 1,000 of projects in a wide rage of industries: Chemical, Oil & Gas, Energy and Renewable Energy, Electricity (Production and Distribution), Infrastructure; Food and Beverage Manufacturing; Paper, Cellulose and Wood Manufacturing; Pharmacy and Biotechnology Manufacturing; Mining.

[11:33, 29/5/2018] Jorge Miguel Corais LRD PORTUGAL: This is the kind of work that results very well and pulls the interest of the entrepreneurs.

Portugal Skyline

Congratulations to J. Miguel and his team for putting together such an outstanding event and fostering so many business opportunities across continents!

Portugal as an independent country and as a member of the EEC has been on the spotlight for quite some time already, considering the improvement measures and internationalization efforts it has been engaging with in the recent years .


Notably, The World Bank has released this 2018 report on Doing Business (Measuring Business Regulations), which measures the easiness of doing business in each country, which can be downloaded as PDF via thie following link:

The extracted snapshot down below positions Portugal quite positively, in regards to its regulatory conditions in favor of business people interested in deepening commercial ties and/or setting operations in the country:

The World Bank_Doing Business_Portugal 2018

Image sourced from:

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To whomever may be interested in getting information from Brazil in what concerns obtaining a Portuguese citizenship, we share the following link.


We have also located (in Brazil) a very interesting initiative regarding the granting of Portuguese citizenship to specific ethos or historical nation groups which evaded or were ousted from Portugal:

Recently, the governments of Portugal and Spain have enacted laws regulating the granting of nationality union sefaradim descendants of  (sephardiJews expelled from these countries.

The governments of Spain and Portugal claim to want to somehow repair a bit of their  enormous mistakes committed in the past. There are those who say that there are also economic reasons involved.

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Looking forward to fostering even more businesses between our regional areas, as we have been incrementing LIN Leadership around the world on a very speedy rhythm:


Welcome to LIN | Next Generation Business Development




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