#WSD2018 | World Speech Day


March 15th., 2018  

In just 3 years, World Speech Day has grown from an idea,to live public speaking events in over 90 nations across the globe.We celebrate the simple power of a speech to change our lives.

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What are we planning for Brazil ? 

[ 2018 => 2019 ]


Brazil is huge and its population very diversified from one state of the federation to another. People may tend to behave more businesslike in the Southeast and South,         more relaxed up the Northeast and North and somewhat more political in the Center.

But, regardless, one thing that makes Brazilians interested in any idea or event is the value-added outcome (*) they should drive from their direct involvement to make it well worthwhile to the point of leaving home and/or business to head towards a venue.

(*) even if the result of their participation should be altruistic enough to a valid cause!

The other important component to a successful involvement is the impeccable planning and its marketing. Brazilians are not culturally afficionados to doing great planning themselves, but they can appreciate one when they perceive it!

This goes from the careful “harmonization” of all “ingredients” that should be taken into account in order to “concoct“+deliver a great event experience to every detail considered to impress and surpass their expectations (timeliness, comfortable access to event venue, good quality of food & beverage, creative soundtrack and decoration, the use of up-to-date technology, open/free networking opportunities and unmistakable presentation of the intended cause and its framework and impact).

Unfortunately, we have not been able to pull it all together with enough time to provide participants an outstanding experience… originally we thought about focusing on the 3 major capitals of the country: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, but the proximity of top holidays (coming out from Christmas to Réveillon into Carnival) considerably shrunk the time and mobility we needed to deepen the contact with the elligible partners, collaborators and likely sponsors in each geographical area we had been initially shooting for.

Here is a sample of the key-players, sponsors and collaborators we have been looking to close with in each of the aforementioned capitals:

São Paulo

#WSD2018_BRASIL_Preparation_Likely Sponsors for 2019_in São Paulo

Rio de Janeiro

#WSD2018_BRASIL_Preparation_Likely Sponsors for 2019_in Rio de Janeiro

Belo Horizonte

#WSD2018_BRASIL_Preparation_Likely Sponsors for 2019_in Belo Horizonte


Naturally, our goal is to spread the practice in such a way that this energy can take up the whole country and not only happen at the state capitals, but everywhere people feel inspired and committed to raise #unexpectedvoices and, by doing so, take charge of their dreams, strive to pursue their goals and develop a team-work atmosphere in their communities.

That environment should ultimately actualize their potential, raise brand new ideas to solve their problems, empower people and include opinions from any walks of life.

We are positive that 2018 will be an excellent year to design a successful event in 2019, considering that (according to a colleague´s remark who happens to be WSD National Ambassador in Italy, Armando Cristofori), “our WSD work starts right after March 15th. and goes on throughout the whole year until next year (except for one single day, March 16th., that we take off to celebrate the accomplishments and enjoy the company of the team in charge of it all).”

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What WSD benchmark are we taking as reference to shoot for in 2019?

In token of that very clever remark from Armando Cristofori, we are taking our inspiration from the fantastic program that he and his Tuscan team put together in Florence that we are sharing down below.

His suggestion for 2018-preparation for #WSD2019:

Armando Cristofari

“We as WSD Ambassadors and Event Organizers need to pool all our ideas together and get WSD 2019 started on March 17th (the 16th can be a day of rest 😎).

WSD offers an unprecedented platform for reaching out, it is just that most of the world doesn’t yet know.

This is also why reaching out to Toastmasters (16,000 clubs in some 141 countries) and AIESEC (in 126 countries) is a strategy worth following; even if the road is not an easy one to travel!”

Tante grazie per l´ispirazione, amico!


FLORENCE – ITALY flying high in 2018!

Coat of Arms - Florence

FLORENCE PROGRAM | March 15th., 2018


To be held in the Sala D’Arme of Palazzo Vecchio, in Florence on March 15, from 09:00 to 12:00.

Palazzo Vecchio

Young people from primary to university, will share their thoughts for a better world as we move towards Tuscany in 2058. Among the partecipating schools are: Elementary School San Pier Martire, High School: Liceo Scientifico Da Vinci, Liceo dei Colli, Scuola Walford, Liceo Classico Michelangelo and International School of Florence. Some university students also take part in the event.

The event will be open by the University Councillor and Research Department of the City of Florence, Cristina Giachi.



To be held at the Consiglio Regionale della Toscana on March 15th, from 13:00 to 16:00.

Consiglio Regionale della Toscana

Speakers and guests at this event will be some of Tuscany’s top business owners, scientists, architects, politicians and opinion leaders. Speakers include: Aldo Cursano – President FIPE Toscana; Francesco Miari Fulcis – President Confagricoltura Toscana; Cristiano Coppi – President CNA Giovani Imprenditori Toscana; @Franco Bagnoli – President Caffè-Scienza; Cristina Giachi – Deputy Mayor of Florence and Assessor of education; @Alessandro Tortelli – Director “Centro Studi Turistici Fiorentini”; Carlotta Ferrari – Director Firenze Convention Bureau President Convention Bureau Italia Vice President Federcongressi & Eventi.

The ceremonies will be opened by Eugenio Giani – President of the Regional Counsel of Tuscany.



The event will be held between 17:00 and 20:00 at the Zeffirelli Museum.

Fondazione Zeffirelli

Participants will include some of the most important exponents of the Tuscan culinary scenario who will, through their dishes, express their ideas for a better future. Among others, participants include famous chefs: Marco Stabile, Silvia Baracchi, Beatrice Segoni, Andrea Bianchini and Gabriele Andreoni. During the event, the acting school La Stanza dell’Attore, under the direction of Giovanni Micoli, will entertain the audience with its young actors reading speeches about politics, art, education, religion, and other topics. Linda Falcone from Advancing Women Artist Foundation will also speak of a painting currently under restoration called ‘The Last Supper’.

All events are strictly by invitation only.

Events in Italy are also rolling out in:


–  Roma :


–  Siena… GenovaBolognaVenezia

First year for Italy as a participant, but doing so with style!

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Outline Italy Skyline with Blue Landmarks.

Best of luck on all WSD events throughout Italy this year and even better next year!

Tanti auguri!

Best wishes to all WSD delegations throughout the world as well, carrying out the same message and goals with lots of commitment and creativity!


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Please, let us know your thoughts and how we might start collaborating.

Let´s make #WSD2019 outstanding, amazing and affascinante!


Luiz Botelho                          Cleber Fernando de Assis Xavier

    WSD Ambassador in charge of Brazil:                       WSD Brazil Event Coordinator:
    Luiz Botelho                                                                    Cleber Fernando de Assis Xavier

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WSD Ambassadors Worldwide: http://www.worldspeechday.com/ambassadors1


wsd_unexpected voices




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