LIN | Next Generation Business Development

LIN : The B2B Network for SMEs in Emerging Markets, headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

LIN empowers Management Consultants in Emerging Countries to scale up their businesses.

We connect like-minded professionals internationally and provide them with business opportunities.

Our methodology is unparalleled and we are expanding rapidly.

Right now, we are looking out for partners in many countries around the world.

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I am honored to have been invited by LIN CEO (Mr. Reinhard Wind) to take charge as LIN Regional Director (LRD) for South America, located in São Paulo, Brazil as of March 1st, 2018.

I can assist Management Consultants, Business Development Managers and SMEs to develop their international reach and to upscale their personal value-proposition.

I am looking forward to hearing from you while I develop this brand-new workstream, as well as conciliate it with ongoing consulting and coaching projects.

At LIN, you may reach out to me via:

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LIN Enterprises is part of the Antares Group DWC LLC

P.O. Box 390667 | Dubai South, Business Park

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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Acknowledgments :

Video designed by Rob Whitworth


Sound Design: Slava Pogorelsky




About Luiz Botelho

no labels; free-minded; receptive to new ideas; values knowledge & experience sharing; music & art are musts in life; also creating best possible conditions for quality of life, self-realization, world peace & equality.
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  1. VIMAL SHARMA says:

    Very impressive presentation Luiz.

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