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Collecting CVs. / Resumés / Recommendations for Change Management professionals with sound & successful experience with people management, knowledge transfer, training, communication, ERP (Oracle) disaster recovery support & multicultural projects (masterful fluency of Spanish and English).

Preferably: native Peruvians (Lima city)

Also: OCM experienced fluent Spanish speakers, preferably from Brazil

Market segment: large food & beverage retail chains

Location: Lima, Peru – Latam

Duration: assessment – 4 weeks; OCM duration thereafter – to be determined

Deadline for info. & files receipt: July 16th., 2017

Email: luiz.botelho@bridgepg.com.br




About Luiz Botelho

no labels; free-minded; receptive to new ideas; values knowledge & experience sharing; music & art are musts in life; also creating best possible conditions for quality of life, self-realization, world peace & equality.
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