Coaching Testimonial (June 15th. 2017)

Coaching Dinner_Eloah&Beto_12062017

Today I am very happy to have been granted this spontaneous feedback (down below) from my coachee Eloah, in regards to the coaching job being done with her (since April 3rd., 2017) and her husband (Alberto, aka Beto, since Nov 11th., 2016).

More than a professional feedback, it acknowledges the human aspects that have been at play, strengthening our level of rapport and the empathy towards both individuals, while respecting their so very specific profiles and helping them to gradually evolve into closer and stronger partnership.

I must say it has been an amazing experience for me (as well as a good challenge) to support them individually in their professional goals and, on planned occasions, facilitate their ever-growing level of mutual understanding on a personal (and nuclear family) based life-path.

I have posted here the feedback just as it was originally shared by her in our WhatsApp Coaching Group as of today (June 15th., 2017):

⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠”Pessoal, gostaria de compartilhar uma grande experiência…eu e meu marido estamos fazendo Coaching com o Luiz (separadamente) e o nosso dia dos namorados foi bem especial: um Coaching a três!! Foi uma experiência incrível!! Além de grande exercício de auto-conhecimento, a oportunidade de conhecer meu companheiro tem ajudado muito no meu fortalecimento como a esposa, como profissional e como mãe que eu pretendo ser!! Parabéns ao Luiz por sua competência e inovação!! Super recomendo!!”

My answer back to her in the same [ WhatsApp ] group follows suit:

“Oi, Eloah, muito obrigado pelo seu depoimento… tem sido uma experiência incrivel, especialmente com o nível de comprometimento e desprendimento de vocês! Este momento foi muito especial também para mim! Agradeço a gentileza do compartilhamento e ainda mais os comentários e recomendação! Enjoy the holiday!” 🙏🏽

These outstanding moments spark the flame of gratitude in me. Thank you! Obrigado!

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” — William Arthur Ward.
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no labels; free-minded; receptive to new ideas; values knowledge & experience sharing; music & art are musts in life; also creating best possible conditions for quality of life, self-realization, world peace & equality.
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